Ivanhoe v Chaseville – 2 August 2014

Another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.. it was going so well…..

After Chaseville’s travelling holdups we started very late with Chaseville batting. Excellent bowling with supportive fielding meant that they were 87 for 7 when rain brought an early tea. Whilst Woodcock had bowled with some venom and real hostility, his opening partner Naresh had picked up the wickets (4 for 34). Perhaps Ivanhoe ate too many Bakewell tarts, perhaps some players began thinking of an early night out or just tiredness and/or complacency set in but after tea both sides were very different. Chaseville ensured they used the full 40 overs (there went the early night out!) and reached 144 for 9 (there went the complacency!). Fielding lost its edge and chances were missed – despite Chaseville getting at least 20 more than they should have there were some fine moments for the slow bowlers (Dancer 2 for 19, L. Parnell 8-4-10-1) and a superb catch by Lawrie Parnell. It took the wily Australian experience of Hausler (4-1-5-2) to limit the damage at the end.

And then the reply. a new opening partnership was restricted by excellent bowling . Laney bowled 8 overs for 6 runs, so pressure mounted as the score stagnated. Kenchington (1) left early to the in swinging ball of the day, and debutant Jamie C found rolling back the years a slow process… but will be more confident after the way he was seeing the ball by his demise. At 3 Matt Parnell helped to see off the opening bowlers and his coaching showed real rewards with the classic forward defensive and the textbook cut for 4 (off Laney!).. .. he showed patience and the ability to build an innings.. from now on he can add the runs to make the hard work worthwhile. Slow, but after 20 overs Ivanhoe were still in the game, though still needing 100 at 5 an over. Useful contributions followed from many in the middle order, but no one achieved the match winning innings required—in fact top score for both sides was 30, and yet the pitch was fine and played as well as it ever has. P Parnell (25) at 4 and Dancer (also 25) looked as though they could take the game home but both fell when set (Dancer to an outstanding – match winning? catch). Later Collins (18) and Evans(16) took things closer but wickets fell and despite some lusty blows from the last pair of Hausler and L Parnell, they had been left far too much to do, and Ivanhoe reached 140 for 9, a defeat by just 4 runs… so many what ifs.. and the margins are so small – one fielding mistake, one overthrow, 1 dropped catch , 1 drive straight to a fielder.. so while it looks like Ivanhoe have mislaid the mental toughness to win these close games, it can be retrieved if we all concentrate for 80 overs rather than 63 and a half!

Man of the match: L Parnell

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