Venue: Mill Hill Village CC; North Ground; Central pitch; 30 degree declining Easterly slope; Side screens: Check; Club House: Check; Club House conditions: 3rd world; Tea Rating: Damn good!

Opposition: Average Age: 45; Quota: 10; Fairplay Index: 90% (Would have been 95% but for moaning sore-backed silly-LBW appealing bowler)

Result: Victory to Ivanhoe; Ivanhoe Innings: 3-244; Old Citizens Innings: 7-170;

Ivanhoe Innings: Brisk start after Mal’s early dismissal; 2nd wicket partnership of 66 between Dancer (67) and Richard (47); 3rd Wicket partnership of 100 between Dancer and Collins (68no); and 4th Wicket partnership of 72 between Collins and Max (43no); Highlights were :- Adrian’s 2nd (Wind assisted) 6 of the season; Max’s 43no in 8 overs; and Bobs slow start, fast middle part of innings and nefarious actions to take the strike away from Max in the last part of the innings. All in All a fantastic batting effort, best of the season, please God may it continue!

Umpiring Highlights: Hausler 1 (Despite best attempt to get rid of Adrian via LBW was thwarted by good sportsmanship decision by opposition captain who upon hearing Adrian’s girly pleas of innocence recanted the decision;)

Old Citizens Innings:

Bowling highlights:- Hausler (2-23);Laurence/Ciaran/Max/Adrian all chipped in with 1 wicket each;

Old Citizens lost wickets early and were on the ropes for a while, until steadied by Saldanha (52) and R.Bardsley (37no). We couldn’t quite put the nail in the coffin, but came away with a fine win all the same.

Swearbox: Hausler 2 ( Dropped catch:”#&%$ sake”; Legside collision with Earl: “F#&k&&g I£$%”)

Injuries : Hausler 1 (dyspnea caused by the 14:40pm Abrahamson Mill Hill Express collision); Abrahamson 1 ( Instant Adhesive Capsulitis caused by the 14:39pm Hausler to Enfield Express collision)

Catches: Hausler 1 from 2 (1 drop due to train derailment; 1 catch one handed);

Runouts: 1 Dancer (Despite Adrian throwing the ball and Bob catching the ball)

Victory Celebrations: 1 Woodcock (Clenched fists; “YEEESS”)

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