Lovely venue, Friendly crowd. That seemed to be the prognosis.

We turned up with 12 players, and donated 2 to their cause resulting in a 10 v 10 match.

Ivanhoe batted first, New player Andy hit 14, Adrian 23, and Richard high scored with 39 with a couple of
others (Andrew 16, Saqib 17) in the teens. Disappointing.. a larger score was to be had and we ended up with
only 132 on a pitch that offered much more.

Bentlley Heath batted and got the runs for the loss of 7 wickets despite some tight bowling from Andrew and some
good wickets from Adrian(2) and Richard(2). At times it seemed quite close, and despite our donated team mates throwing themselves
on their swords when batting for the Oppo (0 and 1? I think) we simply did not have enough runs on the board.

The Boddingtons tasted fine though and we soon cleared out their Fridge.


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