This was a replacement fixture for Bentley Heath who pulled out. The highlight obviously was Andrew’s Tea (Because I’m writing this).
Ives batted first and started slowly as we are prone to doing.Bob (30) and Richard (19) moved the score along nicely after some classic stonewalling from Chris (6).
Later on there was a 35 run partnership between Phil.K (35*) and Andrew (11*) which got the score to 189 which for Ives felt like 250!
It’s possible Extras was the Highest scorer – there was a serial Noballer, funny little tubby guy, who gifted us quite a few runs.
Perhaps the total could have been even larger if there had not been some silly runouts – Max & Richard (surely Bob earned the Pink cap)

We did have the Opposition on the ropes for a while when they came out to bat with Wickets from Andrew(2), Richard(1), Ciaran(1).
Also towards the end Saqib picked up 2 wickets before being most unfairly substituted by that cruel captain of ours. Some dropping of catches started creeping in.
But unfortunately a couple of lads from the opposition played themselves in, and in 20-20 style proceeded to hit an impressive (unless you were on the end it)
array of Sixes motivated I’m sure by getting back early to watch to the Boxing (or was it the Manchester derby). In the end winning with 8 overs to spare.
A mention is merited of Phil.K’s bravery in attempting to stop 200mph missiles heading his way to the boundary.
The Ivanhoe Pink Plonker cap was passed around several times between Prasad/Phil/and Steven.
Think we may vote to offer a fixture again (despite them being a bit stronger than us?)

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