This was a last minute arranged match due to Coopersale cancelling on us; Potten End were stronger than us but
promised to “make a match of it”. Sometimes  in Cricket Parlance that means the opposition will somewhat limit the Batting practise that their
first team Batsmen get. So we weren’t annihilated, instead we were beaten convincingly.

Potten End batted first on their picturesque ground and soft wicket and reached 300. Their openers started strongly, despite two dodgy umpiring decisions in Richards first over (clear LBW, and clear Runout) but Andrew (2 -41) and Richard pegged them back slightly. However their opener (90 odd) and two 50’s from other players saw them to a large total.

Ciaran’s spell of 1 – 41 was noteworthy as was Saqibs second spell. Catching was good, especially John Loveday’s boundary fumble and catch on the second attempt.

Nice lunch was had then Ivanhoe began our Innings. Potten Ends opening bowler was quite quick off a short runup (I think Zee was expecting leg spin 😉) and ended up with 4 wickets.

After Zee’s quick departure, Matt, and Richard (20) got off to good starts with nice shots. Steven and Bob fell cheaply then with Ivanhoe struggling to reach 100 Andrew came in (29) and had a good partnership (45) with John (high score of 19!!!).

The tail wagged somewhat with Saqib and Prasad knocking 4’s but Ivanhoe finished on ~145.

Man of the match??? (My vote goes to John Loveday for 1. Annoying the hell out of their Batsman with his Banter 2. Making a wonderful catch in the outfield. 3. Getting his high score and annoying the hell out of their Bowlers with his Banter!)

Andy H.

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