Ivanhoe CC vs Ley Hill CC – 26th June 2022

Always a treat to return to hospitable Ley Hill, and even better to be in midsummer and not just the end of season September weather lottery – and to think this author played a season for them in 1980! And even better was that a very acceptable tea was on the menu – how times change for this to be a special treat.

Having won the toss with a team better suited to bowling Ivanhoe elected to field. With Ley Hill at 100 in less than 15 overs this did not look like the best decision, even though Peter Oakley had bowled 6 economical overs, with figures of At this point Oakley almost took a spectacular catch, but ended up with a ripped nail and hand, medical attention, early bath, no tea and no further participation in the match – kindly Ley Hill provided a sub fielder and, later, a replacement, young Luke Bell, who bowled and batted. The extremely talented and aggressive Henry Sussum (Bucks under 23s) swiftly made his way to 48 before Prasad returned for a second spell to bowl him – a key wicket. Meanwhile young opener Ted Sussum progressed to a well-judged half century.

Ley Hill progressed swiftly and smoothly to 157-3, before Brooks calmly ran out the wily and experienced McHugh (26). It was then Tristan time. Parnell junior bowled his 5 overs for 30 runs and took 4 wickets, one courtesy of the usual juggling family of Parnells – in this case his Dad. Six wickets fell for 28 and it was only a last wicket stand of 24 that took Ley Hill to 209 all out with 15 balls unused. Catches by sub Bell and Loveday, a stumping by Kenchington and a further run out by T Parnell completed a good performance and  ensured a much lower total than looked likely earlier. GOAT Loveday had bowled economically near the death with 5 overs 1 for 10, before Hausler eventually got his first wicket to end the innings.

Ivanhoe’s reply began with a surprisingly quick cameo of 24 from skipper of the day Collins, before Kenchington, after a slow start, settled in, mixing solid defence with outright aggression to form the backbone of Ivanhoe’s reply. Ably supported by Parnell P, Bell and Brooks, wickets fell regularly and Ivanhoe found themselves 116-4 in the 23rd over. With regular rabbit, Loveday, joining Kenchington the game looked over, but Kenchington progressed to a superb 80 (his second highest score for Ives) and, with Loveday, put on 52 for the 5th wicket. Loveday was no 2019 Leach – he overcame the shock of batting at 6 and soon went beyond his previous top score of 26 not out, and with Hausler took Ivanhoe beyond 200. Loveday reached 43 not out (strike rate over 87 and included a 6 – admittedly to the shortest of boundaries) and a famous victory was achieved with 2 balls to spare.

A great team effort which also included sound fielding from Parnell C and Saqib, the game leaves the question of where will Loveday bat next week?

With MOM still to be decided there are a wealth of candidates, including Kenchington, Loveday and Parnell T.

On a final note – good to see Ives legend Andy Christie (plus dog) circling the boundary and filming Ives’ heroics!

Author: Bob C

Ivanhoe CC vs Haddenham CC – 19th June 2022

Bravely the delegation from Ivanhoe proceeded to the outskirts of Amersham to take on Haddenham, in a fixture that is new to the rota – but will surely become a regular fixture.

Sometimes a game of cricket can be determined by a moment of luck, outrageous skill or the weather…this game certainly had all of these elements! Luck (bad for Ives) in losing the toss and being put into bat on a brown and damp pitch, outrageous skill in Rich receiving another candidate for ball of the season to be bowled comprehensively…and weather in the pitch improving remarkably over the course of the day.

Bob and Phil K opened up, striding determinably to the crease…several boundaries behind square from Bob had the watchers relaxing and worries over the pitch subsiding. What folly such thoughts proved to be as Phil was bowled of an under edge from a ball that didn’t come up, Bob following suit shortly afterwards and panic setting in. Rich was beaten all ends up by one that angled in a long way before swinging away late – an excellent delivery under any circumstances! Scoring became very slow, with a semi-repair job performed by Phillip Parnell and Hansi who scored slowly but were relatively untroubled. Then the pitch’s demons reared their ugly head once again…but not from conventional lengths and lines – almost the worse the ball, the more it did (sadly when bowling, Ivanhoe did not adopt the tactic of bowing badly to cause consternation, maybe a lesson to learn for the future!). Some last minute thrashing from the lower order (John deserves mention for his hitherto for highest score) took the total to something approaching respectability before being all out.

With the ball, Prasad continued his role as miser-in-chief conceding very few from his opening and second spells, Andrew taking 4 wickets and good fielding all around left Haddenham in a spot of bother. Hopes were raised as run-scoring was at a premium, accurate bowling and the pitch looming large in everyone’s heads and a spark charged Ivanhoe. Sadly this was extinguished by some classy batting from the 6th wicket partnership that carried Haddenham home.

A classic game of two halves, that rested on a few key moments but played in the utmost spirit and friendship ended under clear skies with warm handshakes all round.

Author: Hansi B

Ivanhoe CC vs North Weald – 29th May 2022

Ives batted first on a decidedly shaggy pitch, with Bob Collins and Philip K demonstrating exquisite timing, power batting and consummate ease in putting on 70 for the opening wicket…the opposition were crying out Nero’s legion to descend and lay waste to the ground to put them out of their misery, such was the command of the openers. A fast start was the ground for the fear and mayhem that derailed North Weald’s bowling; 24 runs were smote in the first two overs before some semblance of line and length was experimented with by the bowlers…. There was talk, given the lack of wicket taking deliveries, of the openers remaining unbeaten throughout the innings…the aforementioned tightening of the bowling slowed the scoring rate, as the game ebbed for a few overs until the unthinkable happened…a wicket fell! As ever, one wicket changed the complexion of the game as Bob’s dismissal caused a degree of consternation in all the other batters, which was exacerbated by the fall of Phil (stumped for a majestic 58). 70 without loss descended to 115 for 6 with single figure scores the order of the day. A sheen was put on the innings thanks to two sumptuous boundaries from Will Brooks as he was only the third batter to get into double figures.

In reply, North Weald never really got going – another excellent bowling performance that gave very little away, coupled with a lack of endeavour meant the asking rate climbed alarmingly and nothing was easy to score off. Venky bowled excellently with 1-17 off 7, Prasad continued his miserly season with 1-12 from 7 and Saqib 1-19 off 7 throttled the life from them. 112-4 was all North Weald could muster, leaving Ivanhoe the deserved winners. Hats off to all from a great effort.  

Author: Hansi B

Ivanhoe CC vs Belmont and Edgware – 22nd May 2022

Ivanhoe’s second away game of the season saw them visit a lovely ground at Buttonhole Lane in Finchley, for match against Belmont and Edgware. The warm summer air greeted all and sundry for a somewhat early start, as mettle was to be tested on a pitch with a lovely dome at one end that threated to bring great movement and excitement to the bowlers.

The opposition had to borrow someone from another of their teams occasionally as they were only able to find 10 players on the day, took first use of the new ball. The opening bowler marked out his run, almost pushing off the sightscreen (admittedly short straight boundary)…what a way to start a Sunday afternoon; redheaded young speedster steaming in off the long run, pitch that looked uneven…fortunately the run up didn’t quite relate to the speed the ball arrived at, and the bowling could best be descried as wayward. Phil K managed to somehow get his bat onto one so wide he needed telescopic arms and was caught, Hansi got his bat stuck in his pad whilst trying to wallop it…but all around this batting with the utmost of serenity and without any degree of consternation was Bob Collins, who was joined by Ciaran who continued his majestic form. Runs flowed freely, with many a boundary struck, singles ambled before after Bob passed 50 and somehow missed a relatively straight one.  Things were on the up as a huge 6 was hit by Rich before he received the ball of the day (angled in, moved away and hit the top of off).  The situation looked precarious and there was a risk of collapsing like a house of cards. Enter Saqib, who batted with hitherto undiscovered ease and made an utterly untroubled 35. Ciaran remained 73 not out, scoring 20+ in the last over alone! The final total of 253 looked imposing but short boundaries and a fast outfield gave cause for concern.

The Belmont innings started serenely without fuss or fast scoring, when the first wicket fell (the batter who looked languid, having scored 170 the previous week) put further brakes on the scoring. Wickets fell reasonably frequently and the scoring rate dipped well below the asking rate through a combination of tight bowling and a lack of impetus from the batters. Tight bowling made scoring difficult but the batters seemed to settle for occupying the crease and enjoying facing the bowling with runs a second thought. Prasad was utterly miserly with his bowling, conceding 9 off his full quota of overs and taking a wicket, Saqib taking 1-5, Ciaran 3-29, John chipped in with 2-15 and Rich rounding it out with 2-12.

After the game, a beverage or two was enjoyed whilst watching a close finish from Belmont’s first XI losing a contentious match on the neighbouring pitch where a last ball 6 propelled the visitors to victory – the swearing and arguing over a catch on the boundary was 6 or out…highly enjoyable!

Author: Hansi B

Ivanhoe CC vs Octopus CC – 8th May 2022

The rosy fingered dawn greeted the hallowed turf of Verulamium park on Sunday 8 May, ready for Ivanhoe’s first home game of the season. A flat pitch situated in the rolling, verdant fields of the tree lined and picturesque countryside, overlooked by the cathedral proved an idyllic setting to test our mettle. 

Captain Richard won the toss and elected to have first use of the conditions and exploit anything the pitch had to offer. Tristan Parnell took a wicket in his first over, dismissing Octopus’ best batsman, setting the tone for a tough day for them. Tight bowling all round as well as some demons in the pitch, mayhap remnants of the Icini’s rampage through the area, were exploited to the fullest. Hansi Baumann added a few grey hairs to the batsmen with some slamming lift and movement, finishing with 3 wickets (earned through good bowling albeit the latter two taken with some questionable balls). Some late order hitting coupled with some awful catching (at least four drops throughout the innings) yielded a competitive total of 166 for 7 after 35 overs.

The gentle slope of the outfield gave cause to the fielders and value for shots down the hill, and added a gleam to any batter’s eye…Sadly the brave Ive’s openers were overcome by the glare caused by easy runs and within moments were 3-9 before Rich entered the fray. Batting with consummate ease, occasionally showing the utmost disdain for the bowling and not a care in the world accumulated, bludgeoned and powered the game’s balance towards Ivanhoe. Ciaran, Phillip Parnell and Hansi contributed small partnerships with Rich who bestrode the innings like a colossus to remain unbowed, unbeaten and undefeated on 85.An innings of style, substance and sophistication – if only Octopus had scored a few more then he would have been raising his bat with a century. In the end, the winning runs were smote by Tristan who finished the game off in style.

Huzzah and three cheers for all, a game played in excellent spirit overlooked by the historic cathedral, verdant grasslands and toasted at the local pub.

Author: Hansi B


Ivanhoe CC vs Chipperfield Clarendon CC – 2nd May 2022

Under leaden skies, Ivanhoe’s 2022 season got underway at the picturesque ground in Chipperfield, as the Ives bravely took the field having been favoured by winning the toss. Drizzle in the air did not deter the plucky Ives, the cool breezes and damp outfield could not sway the brave Ives, nor could the sloping and slightly rutted outfield divert the brave Ives from commencing the season in stye.

The 35 over game was played without interruption from the weather, albeit in trying circumstances due to a lush outfield that gave next to no value for strokes.  Run-scoring was at a premium and hard running the order of the day…with nurdles and nudges making up the bulk of the scoring…along with edges off the faster bowlers – much to the chagrin of those that had charged in off 12 or more paces to see the ball disappear to third man for 4…

Chipperfield were ambling along at 3 or so an over, impressed by the excellent ground fielding (with two direct hits early doors showing the benefit of the fielding training), never quite pegged back by losing a couple of wickets. The introduction of Andrew Hauser, bowling off the short run, started a slide with two well taken wickets. Peter Oakley steamed in and showed the other fast blokes how to take wickets – a lesson Saqib took to heart all but cleaned up the tail with 4 wickets – a missed catch leaving him agonisingly short of a five wicket haul.  Chipperfield ended on 160-9, fortified by a fighting 49 before their top scorer was cut off by a combination of Phil K and Peter. The score was probably 10 runs above a par score, but well within reach.

Aside from Ciaran, who bestrode the conditions to score freely and never be inconvenienced, Ivanhoe’s batting effort was stymied by the slow outfield, good bowing and fielding. Contributions throughout the order kept the run rate in check albeit at the cost of wickets reasonably frequently.  Any runs scored were probably worth at least double on another day, and through dint of hard running Ivanhoe were always in the game.

Entering the last over, a handful of runs were needed, Ciaran in the 60’s and three wickets in hand, all three results were possible…sadly it wasn’t to be, as Ciaran was deprived of the strike and two wickets falling, Ivanhoe fell 3 runs short…an agonising result but a fitting conclusion to a great game played in excellent spirit by two evenly matched teams…

Three cheers and huzzah to the colossus that was Ciaran – Player of the Match!

Author: Hansi B

Ivanhoe CC Vs Sandon Strollers 11th August 2019

Sandon batted first in a timed game. The openers were cautious in response to excellent opening spells from Woodcock and Parnell R, but it took some time before they each claimed a wicket, not helped by dropped catches (off Parnell). Replaced by the very economical but unlucky Prasad ( and Loveday who bowled a pleasing spell ( which included a delightful boundary catch for Parnell R. With 4 wickets down the Sandon 5th wicket pair knuckled down and gradually increased the scoring rate as Hausler (his spin not as tight as in previous outings), Vijay and Krshna all had their moments but no outright success. With 7 bowlers already used it was back to the opening pair to draw things to a rapid conclusion , with the economical Parnell R unlucky to only have 4 wickets in his figures of A key runout (after another dropped catch off Parnell R) by Dinaker and Kenchington P was also crucial along with 2 more wickets for Woodcock ( one of which came courtesy of one sublime left handed catch at 2nd slip by skipper Collins. 2 catches by Dinaker and P Kenchington’s athleticism behind the stumps were also highlights. Sandon were bowled out for 183, and Ivanhoe can reflect on an efficient bowling and fielding performance.

Thanks to Richard and Janet for a plentiful tea, which luckily included the Kenchington “bakewells”
Club skipper had to depart early to satisfy his girlfriend, but his batting was not missed as Ives had a ready replacement in Kenchington D, and, in any case, the heavy rain came down after 7.1 overs during which time Parnell S managed a golden duck courtesy of a well taken caught and bowled by bowler Atkins, and Ives reached 14-1 with Parnell R (10) and Vijay (2) steady and watchful against accurate bowling on a testing length. We will never know how the match would have ended without the deluge, but in 3 weeks’ time the return fixture may give some idea.

Bob C

Batchworth CC vs Ivanhoe CC 4th August 2019

The match was played at Rickmansworth CC. Nice scenic setting with good clubhouse and bar. Pitch was hard, pockmarked with a grassy cover.

As ever my prediction of a fast pitch was completely wrong with the ball keeping quite slow and low. Ivanhoe won the toss and sent in Batchworth, who had 10 players, into bat.

They had a slow start, accelerated, then were held back towards the end for a total of 208. Their captain starred with an unbeaten 77 not out whilst their number 3 got 50.

Pick of the bowlers were Andrew with 2 – 29, Ciaran (3-30), and Richard (1-36) and Prasad, who despite not getting a wicket, continually beat the bat and ended on 0 – 30.

Newcomer Vijay got 1-55, his wicket being a good reward after finally getting his length in bowling at the death.  Phil.K  did some great work behind the stumps with 2 catches (1 was a dive in front of 1st slip who frankly had fallen asleep) and a stumping. Dexter ran around like crazy saving numerous runs (or rather his shins doing the saving) down at fine leg or long off.

After a nice Tea, Ivanhoe set out to try to get to an above 200 target which we have continually struggled to reach this season.

The tale of our Innings was a promising fast Start (after early loss of Phil.K) with Richard (59) and Steven (24) sharing a 68 run 2nd wicket partnership, smacking the ball to all corners of the field, before Steven (bowled) and Richard (runout) were gone. Thereafter, a famous Ivanhoe mid-order collapse of 4 batsman (only honours going to Dexter getting his first run off the first ball faced). At this point one could throw up their hands in despair of an impending thrashing …… but Vijay (40) with John Loveday (11) shared an 8th wicket partnership of 53, and then Prasad (9….but with a first ball 6) kept our hopes alive before we finally fell short on 196 all out!!

Good game and great to see some new faces in the squad. (Credit to Prasad for organising his friends appearance!!)

Andrew H.

Bentley Heath CC vs Ivanhoe CC (A) 7th July 2019

After a number of close losses Ivanhoe finally prospered with its first win of the season.

It was an emphatic victory. We played at Bentley Heaths lovely ground in the Wroxham Park estate.

The pitch looked a bit dodgy and so it transpired with the ball shooting up and down unpredictably for both sets of batsmen.

Bentley Heath were weaker on the day but that should not detract from our performance.

Ivanhoe batted first with temporary captain Collins (until our regular tosser Woodcock arrived) loosing the toss.

The first two partnerships of 77 (Richard a steady 37 before trigger-finger Loveday gave an lbw) and 80 (Collins 66 and Max 52) were
the foundation of our Innings with not much else to write home about (Woodcock 11 and Nathan 10).

Ivanhoe finished on 191 for 7.

Of special mention was Bobs record breaking run of 14 consecutive singles!!

After a nice Tea, Bentley Heath started their Innings.

It was finished in 26 overs, all out for 54! None of their batsmen reached double figures. Ivanhoe fielded well with 2 catches for Max and 1 for Hausler.

Best bowling for Ives were Hausler ( 3-12), Loveday ( 2-10), Woodcock (1-5) and Richard Parnell (3-13).

Man of the Match would be a close call, with Richard’s all round performance being pipped by Bobs excellent Innings and Singles record.

Andy H.

Ivanhoe CC vs Octopus CC (H) 30th June 2019

Nearly 400 runs for13 wickets: not a bad afternoon for cricket but Ives were on the wrong side of the result, a match they had not looked like losing for long periods.

On winning the toss Ives batted on a used but benign strip. Openers Abrahamson and Kenchington faced the strongest bowling of the day and both perished. Parnell R struck some useful blows but also had to go. Dancer and Woodcock made progress, but when the former departed Ives were just 60-4. Woodcock (37) and Collins, the anchor, (41*) rebuilt and took Ives past 100. Parnell M (26), at number 7, struck one over particularly savagely, and Ives passed the 175 target early. Despite losing Zee and Saqib (4) (excellent boundary drive) Ives were able to declare 10 mins early, with Loveday showing he had learned the importance of a not out, defending the last 5 balls! A total of 195-8 was the highest of the season and Ives had plenty of overs to dismiss Octopus.

Tea courtesy of Earle and the Abrahamsons went down well before Octopus found themselves 12- 2 of about 10 overs. Everything was going to plan, but the next pair dug in and it was some time before the next breakthrough. However with 20 overs to go Octopus were 5 down with over a 100 needed. Eight bowlers were used (well 7 plus Zee!), a couple of catches missed, and the 6th wicket pair, though they looked unorthodox, got their eyes in and creamed everything, finishing with individual highest scores and winning with 3 + overs to spare.

A disappointing result against a team we should play again. With hindsight, maybe on that pitch, we should have bowled first, but batsmen like to bat and dictate the game and there were no complaints at the start. Excellent fielding by Octopus saved many runs, and we could have batted longer, but we went for the win and with everyone fully involved it was what is was – a good match! 

R Collins