The weather outside might be utterly miserable, the water table so high that groundspeople around the country are no-doubt in despair at the thought of preparing wickets for the next season, but the nets are in prime condition to build up Ivanhoe’s confidence.

March’s first net saw slightly less swing for the fast bowlers than the previous couple of weeks – to the delight of the batters but the battery of quicks didn’t share their enthusiasm for the lack of movement.

It was great to see Ciaran at the nets as he was straight on it, generating some serious pace, along with Peter and Saquib one net provided an examination of fire and brimstone, whereas the other saw the wily and crafty slower bowlers in operation.

As is his (new) wont, John was padded up and ready to face up well before 9 (there are unconfirmed reports that he drove to the nets in his pads!), and it didn’t take long for the big shots to come out.

In the other net, Chris batted well, playing some good strokes and looking unflustered – time in the firing line over the next few weeks will build his confidence mightily.

Will again batted with aplomb, Saquib gave him a working over but he was equal to the task, runs will certainly flow if he bats like this once we get out onto (hopefully) dry tracks.

Missing several weeks due to being struck on the toe has certainly not affected Phil K’s confidence. One of the most astounding sites of the evening was an attempted reverse scoop to a length ball from Peter. Sadly Phil missed…but gladly so did Peter! Could have been messy but no harm done to stumps or person…lets see this come out in a game!

There was some thunderous stroke-play from Mo, although there was a casualty of the brutality…Mo’s bat split!  Looking forward to seeing him next week with a new blade and seeing how far the ball will travel!

Tai and Shez provided some good (and not so good on occasion) deliveries but their forte with the willow was apparent, punishing good and bad balls.

If the opposition are ever short and John plays for the opposition, Saquib will be shaking in his boots – as once again he proved to be John’s bunny whilst not being overtly troubled by others. Seeing his stumps rearranged by one of John’s box of tricks is becoming a regular occurrence!

Running two nets with lots of bowlers gave everyone a chance to really turn their arms over and get a good bat – hopefully more will be able to join us next week!

Author: Hansi B

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