Nets – 1st March 2023

A new month dawned and brought out Ives in droves to the Hatfield Leisure centre. We were fortunate to have two nets once again, so there was no issue in accommodating all of us as we ease ever closer to the first ball of the season on an outdoor pitch.

The theme of the night was power batting – the crash, bang and wallop of leather on willow permeated through the air, the nets bulged with shots square and drives thumping into the back wall all evening. Both Phils and Mabs lead from the front, with Mab’s cover and straight driving something to see, as was Saqib’s unorthodox but effective technique sending the ball to all parts. From the signs of this evening, competition for runs amongst the top order will be fierce…

The furious and powerful batters did not have it all their own way though; the ball nipped around and the bat was beaten a bit, as well as the stumps being knocked back on occasion. The wily spinners gave pause to the batters, with John and Phil P often luring batters to their doom…Will and Bob will no doubt be licking their lips in anticipation of many stumpings next season! The pace bowlers success was all the sweeter given how well everyone batted; Tristan and Saqib caused problems and really ramped up their speed as the evening wore on.

A great time was had by all, and all 9 had a decent bat and good bowl, testing both skills and fitness that all passed!

Author: Hansi B

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