Nets – 8th March 2023

Snow on the ground, hot and sticky conditions at the nets – who says the cricket season looms on the horizon? Only 4 brave, hardy and committed souls managed to overcome the conditions and make it to what turned out to be a test of fire and brimstone…

Somehow we lost track of time and went well over our allotted hour, but that was all for the good as all four batters saw a lot of bowling, and the bowlers really started getting into a rhythm. It was awesome to see Phil P coming in off the long-run and sending the ball whistling past one’s nose at high pace, good movement and accuracy…the opposition should be warned of another prong to the pace attack!

It was great to see Explorer Bob Collins, back from his European sojourn…and he looked like not a minute had passed since his last bat as he was back in the groove very quickly, nurdling and nudging it around. John’s front foot movement saw him getting down the pitch and looked comfortable and Phil P just smashed it to all parts, treating the bowing with disdain.

Despite our best efforts to concentrate on what we were doing, we were agog as the batter in the net facing the bowling machine was confidently coming forward to balls travelling at 99 miles per hour…we’ll get there soon, honest!!!

Although it was great to have an elongated batting session and as a bowler to work out plans for the batter, we’d love to see more people face the music next week!

Author: Hansi B

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